Unique Features

E-Z Block can do what most can’t. Here we’ll show you some videos of the fantastic and unique features of our product!

E-Z Blocks are simple to shape.

Shaping E-Z Blocks couldn’t be easier. No special tools are necessary. Using only a hand saw and a rasp you can create beautiful curves almost as fast as you can lay a straight wall. For examples of the kinds of decorative walls and finishes possible see our ‘Projects’ page.

E-Z Blocks do not catch fire or produce smoke when exposed to flame.


(Video In Production) Unlike other ICF’s, E-Z Blocks do not melt or give off any smoke or toxic emissions when exposed to flame. They are perfect for fire prone areas like Southern California. Our blocks create a safer house, and can also be used as fire barriers between apartment units or similar structures that require a specific fire resistance to meet code.

E-Z Blocks are simple to lay and do not require bracing for a pour.

E-Z Blocks are simple and intuitive to lay. They do not require mortar when stacked. A full wall can be poured without any kind of bracing. The blocks are durable and resist damage, but can be easily cut with a handsaw.

E-Z Block corners are simple, and are never wasted.


Many ICF’s require special blocks for corners. This is fine as long as nothing goes wrong, but what happens when a specialized corner block is damaged? Does the entire project have to wait while it is replaced? To avoid this does the buyer have to purchase extra corners that are useless if nothing goes wrong? E-Z Blocks have the solution. Our corner blocks can be easily changed to regular blocks. With this unique ability any order can be shipped with extra corners to safeguard against accidents, but the buyer never ends up with blocks he/she can’t use.

E-Z Blocks are lightweight and easy to handle.


E-Z Blocks’ exceptional light weight is a very important breakthrough. Not only does it enable quick and simple installation, but also provides the high insulating value you get when you build E-Z Block walls.

Stucco is applied directly to E-Z blocks, saving money.


(Video In Production) This is a huge advantage over wood structures. To make stucco adhere to wood requires a moisture barrier placed over the entire wall surface, attaching metal lathe over the entire surface, and then applying three coats of stucco (scratch, brown, and finish). In contrast, stucco adheres very well to E-Z Blocks, and can be applied directly, requiring only two coats (brown, finish) to make a beautiful finish that will never warp or become wavy. Since E-Z Blocks require less labor and materials to complete, builders can save significantly.