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Are E-Z Blocks Structurally Sound?

E-Z Blocks are an Insulated Concrete Form, or ICF. Their design specifications and installation guidelines are taken directly from the IRC (International Residential Code), which is accepted throughout the world.

Do I need Rebar?

E-Z Block should be reinforced according to code. The quantity and size varies depending on the circumstances (earthquake and hurricane zones, types of backfill, building height, etc.). Section R6.11 of the International Residential Code Book is a good place to start for those details.

What size of building can be built with E-Z Block?

The IRC specifies a house with a basement and two stories. However, E-Z Blocks have been used for larger projects, including commercial buildings. It is simply a matter of working with your engineer during the planning phase.

Can you hang floors?

Floors can be hung from E-Z Block walls. By doing so your wall becomes an uninterrupted thermal barrier from the footing to the roof.


How much cement is needed to fill E-Z Blocks?

It takes about 1/3 cu ft. to fill 1 square foot of E-Z block.

How do you do conduit with E-Z block?

The easiest way is to run your conduit through the walls before they are filled with concrete. You can also add conduit after the wall has been filled, by routing out a path through the block itself. The block material is easily cut or drilled.

Can you apply Stucco directly to E-Z block?

Stucco and plaster have excellent adherence to E-Z Block walls. A simple brown coat and finish coat is all that is necessary to have a finished wall. You do not need plywood sheathing, tar paper, foam insulation boards, chicken wire, or scratch coats.

How do you finish interior walls?

A plaster finish, it can be applied directly to the walls. For a drywall finish, we can provide furring strips to be installed during the wall installation. They are simple in design, and fit flush into the wall.

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