What are the dimensions of the blocks?

E-Z blocks are 4’ long x 1’ tall x 10" deep (121.92cm long x 30.48cm tall x 25.4cm deep).

How light are the blocks?

E-Z blocks weigh approximately 9 lbs. per square foot, cured weight.

How do I waterproof the blocks for basements?

E-Z blocks can be waterproofed as if they were a regular concrete wall. Bitumen or tar can be applied onto the clean blocks with a simple roller, or sprayed on.

How do I attach drywall?

If you plan on using drywall in the interior rather than plaster, you must attach furring strips to the block before filling them. This is an easy process. Furring strips can be ordered along with your block purchase. The furring strips are metal, and will be inserted flush into your wall prior to pour. After the pour flanges attached to the furring strip are encased in concrete, holding your furring strip tightly to the wall.

How well does plaster or stucco adhere to the block?

Very well. The blocks are a cement based product, which makes them ideal for direct application of stucco or plaster. In addition, the surface of the block is minutely grooved, creating additional surface area for a solid bond. Finally, the block surface has been embedded with fibers for permanent stucco adherence. In essence, the stucco becomes part of the block upon application.

What are E-Z blocks made of?

E-Z blocks are made primarily of cement and entrapped air. Other additives are proprietary.

How do I shape the blocks?

Any cutting of the blocks can be accomplished by a simple hand saw. To create a smooth, perfect curve, a rasp can be purchased or made. To see examples of our blocks being shaped, click here…

How much do E-Z blocks cost?

To see the cost of our blocks, and also see how the complete E-Z Block building system stacks up to other methods see our ‘cost estimator’.

Are E-Z Blocks an ICF?

Yes. ICF stands for Insulating Concrete Form. Though most ICF’s are made from expanded polystyrene, there are exceptions, including E-Z Block. E-Z Blocks shape is also different than most other ICF’s. E-Z Blocks make a concrete structure called a screen grid pattern, while most make what is called a flat wall. However, the same section of residential code that deals with flat wall construction deals with screen grid construction.