About ICFs


Insulated Concrete Forms are essentially hollow blocks that are stacked such that they can be easily filled with concrete. ICF blocks can made from lightweight material, and provide superior wall insulation. The concrete fill provides strength and durability.


Common ICF Drawbacks

Most ICF’s are made from polystyrene (Styrofoam). While this material works well as insulation they are susceptible to:

  • Fire – produces smoke and toxic fumes when exposed to flame
  • Special bracing – required while being filled with concrete
  • Special parts & pieces – for corners, windows, doors, angles and curves
  • Favorable nesting area – and materials for insects and rodents
  • High environmental impact – during the manufacture and disposal of polystyrene, including job site waste management


The E-Z Block Difference

E-Z Blocks are special because they are made using Lightweight Cellular Concrete. This material works well as insulation, and has none of the drawbacks of polystyrene:

  • 0 Index flame spread and smoke development
  • No special bracing required during pour
  • Simple blocks that can be easily shaped for custom needs
  • Common construction methods
  • Inorganic – providing no nutrients or nesting materials for insects or small animals
  • Low environmental impact on the jobsite
  • Comprehensively Sustainable